August 29, 2016

5 reasons why you need to share images with people in albums and on the walls of your home instead of online


What is it that make the Mona Lisa attract the masses? Personally I think the Mona Lisa is a very uninteresting painting, but even still I have seen the Mona Lisa inside the Louvre in Paris. The reason why the Da Vinci painting attracts so much attention in the Louvre is because it is the only place where you can see the original.
We offer low res digital files only for our clients because we want your family and friends to come to you directly to see the original art masterpieces.

Author: Craig Marshall

1. Art is scarce and not in abundance 

2. Digital images online compete with other digital images and distractions 

Out of curiosity I decided to count how many images and videos had been posted on Facebook by friends and people I follow between last night and 10 o clock this morning when I began writing this blog post. I scrolled through 89 images and videos within two minutes. With so much to be seen how can any individual image be truly appreciated? If art can speak a thousand words then art needs time to speak. One to five seconds on Facebook will speak few words, and only works of art on your walls will speak a thousand words.

3. Only when images are printed at large enough size can you see and appreciate all those details within details 

Because we understand the laws of scarcity we know this will have the biggest wow impact in your home. We offer wall art as well as albums because we feel strongly that your most treasured art should be displayed magnificently on the walls of your home. We capture our art images intended to be printed large and will select the sharpest images to show detail within details. This is not something someone who is inexperienced at large printing is capable of doing. If this is something you decide to do yourself you will likely choose an image with little detail. 

4. You don't get to enjoy your most precious art with others online

I don't like things that are not tangible. Something tangible is something you can share. If you buy a new car you've got to show it to your family and friends so that they can experience the joy with you. Sharing a picture of your new car online is not sharing the experience, so why do people feel digital files online is sharing the experience? We believe in sharing the experience together. When people like an image online it is one of the many images they have liked in passing, and because of this they are not truly experiencing. You also want to have an emotional connection to your images. You cannot get emotionally connected to a digital image the same as an album or wall art. As well as the fact that a digital image is not a finished product. We are very passionate about giving our couples a finished tangible, product. 

5. Online images are not shown as intended by the artist

You have chosen the right artist to create your first family Heirloom album and wall art because you love their particular style and finish. An artist that paints with Acrylic is not going to paint with oil, and an artist that paints on paper is not going to paint on canvas. All of this is irrelevant online because you cannot accurately see the media or medium used. Art has to be finished and presented as intended by the artist.