September 03, 2016

5 reasons why you should not hire a photographer that offers digital files only


This really is just a short explanation. We understand the importance of printing and so do print. When a photographer gives you a CD of images you will likely share images online, and that is it. That CD for the most part is just going to sit there collecting dust and may even go corrupt.

Author: Craig Marshall

1. Digital files don't get printed

2. Photographers that offer digital files only don't photograph for large print 

A photographer that doesn't show large wall art masterpieces does not know how to shoot for large print. We have been printing 40 inch prints since photographing with our old camera the Nikon D1X that only had 5 megapixels (we have been printing large for a very long time). With good understanding of the formal artistic elements (the building blocks of art), light quality & quantity, and physics behind photography we know how to create art masterpieces for the walls of your home. The shoot and burn photographer (slang for a photographer that does not offer prints) does not understand this.

3. Digital Photographers don't shoot for the album

My wife and I unfortunately made the mistake of not having our wedding photographer produce our wedding album for us. Since we already had our album companies to use and had experience in designing our wedding album, we figured we could save money by hiring a digital photographer, this was a big mistake, so big a mistake that it took me 9 years to finally print our wedding album. It wasn't that I didn't try to create our album, I just couldn't finish it. I wasn't disappointed with the images the photographer captured, I was disappointed with the images that were missing. The photographer gave us what we wanted, digital files and didn't shoot for the album. Hence, he did not give us an experience, he was just documenting the day. 

4. You will not be guided by an expert artist who has a vision

You choose the images you love for your storybook album, but need to be guided so that your book tells your story just right. We want to guide you through the entire process so that your album will look amazing and have that ultimate wow impact. Your vision and your photographer's vision is different. You choose images with your heart, but your photographer started choosing images for your album on your wedding day. Telling the story just right requires the correct selection of images for each part of the day. Your photographer is your story teller and to tell the story right your photographer must be the person that produces your story book. Your photographer is the artist and the author, if you choose a photographer that gives you a choice regarding purchasing an album or not I strongly recommend you have your photographer produce your album, and don't attempt to do this yourself.

5. Professional labs and album companies will only work for established professional photographers

The professional labs we use (for the most part) only print for professional photographers. You have to prove you are a professional before they will even show you any prices and request you submit your professional photography website so that they can see you really are a professional photography studio.

**Side Note**Printing Images

In order to get a superior print the labs printers need to be calibrated to print images to their best quality. For example, sharpening and color balance. Consumer labs’ printers (i.e. Walmart and CVS) are not calibrated, therefore their print quality is inferior. The larger you print the more the quality falls apart. Therefore, we always use the most professional, high quality labs and walk our couples through the whole printing process.

For the most part our couples are not photographers and don’t understand the ins and outs of photography. They put their trust in us and we guide them in every step of the way when it comes to their art. 

When I ventured into the world of photography digital cameras were only being used by the press, this (then) new media did not have comparable image quality to film and was only being used for speed in the demanding news industry. Before digital photography few professional photographers would dare to photograph the wedding day. There are so many more photographers today but to be honest only few should be photographing weddings. My greatest advice is to avoid any photographer that only offers digital files. High quality photographers will offer albums and wall art. If photography is top of your list you will be better educated to find the right photographer after reading my 5 reasons.